What are Scrims in PubG Mobile

Although the term scrim refers to something beyond PUBG Mobile, you may be interested to know what it is. Is it an organization? Is this a new achievement? In this little guide we are going to talk about what scrims are in PUBG Mobile, and what they represent in the world of gaming. Gamers have managed to create a language for everything. Indeed, most words used in video game consoles today derive from a new genre of slang dating back to the XNUMXs. 

Gamer terms come and go, and since each game is a planet, you can find all kinds of words that make up, in some way, the internal language of the game. Such is the case of the word scrim, which, if you are new to eSports, you will have heard someone promoting it. 

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What are Scrims in PubG Mobile

What are Scrims in PubG Mobile

For newcomers like you must be, it may sound like something strange, but those who dedicate their lives to video game consoles are quite clear about what it is. In truth, it is just another word in their language. As much as it seems super serious, it turns out that it is not. A scrim is a kind of practice in which a fairly specific scenario is rehearsed, with the aim of testing the skills of a player or a team, playing against another.

They are short games that have the ability to move like a competitive game, but in which you do not play to win anything. In sporting terms, they are friendly. These are not simply pressing a button and starting the game. As we have previously mentioned, these are friendlies in which a scenario is proposed and the players are taught how they should react to it, in order to then be able to put it into practice.

The scrims are not something typical of PUBG Mobile now, but it is a term that is seen a lot in the world of gaming. The best thing is that you can use them in your favor to transform yourself into an unusual player.

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