What are the Ornaments for in Clash of Clans?

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Supercell has put so much dedication into developing new ornaments, that many users started hoarding and collecting them without really knowing what the ornaments are worth on the internet. Clash of Clans.

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How many ornaments exist today?

The ornaments can be divided according to the village you are in:

main village

  • You have each and every free country flag as decoration.
  • Torches
  • Beds of elders and sunflowers.
  • You can put the flag to signal assembly and another one for direction.
  • There are different sculptures like power, P.EK.KA or hero power.
  • White flags, pirate flags.
  • There are also sails.

clan war league

Here the ornaments consist more of sculptures of warriors, fighters, opponents, teachers and winners.

builder base

  • Here you have bonfires and torches.
  • Statues of the Archer Queen, the Savage (or at least her head)
  • you have fir trees and stone trees.

But what are these ornaments for?

They haven't really been created for any particular purpose, just to make your village look the way you want. These do not affect your village, nor will they help you as a defense strategy, They also do not require you to have a constructor to put them, much less you will have to wait a certain time until they are done, since they are created at the moment. 

Its cost can change, to serve as an example, some cost between five hundred and one,000 elixir while others they will charge you up to 1.000.000 gold or even five hundred gems. Sure, for Clan War League decorations you will be charged with League Medals and can be worth anywhere from a hundred to two thousand medals.

What you do have to take into consideration is that you must meet a certain specific level to acquire them or at least be in a specific league in the case of the Clan War League ornaments and you only have the chance to have 1 ornamental element of each type regardless of the village in which you are going to put it.

Although there is something for which you could use them: to gain resources. That's right, the ornaments may not serve any purpose while they are in your village, but when you sell them you can receive one percent of what they cost you and that means that certain can give you important benefits when you have an emergency.

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