What are the names of the characters in Toca Life World?

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Being "Toca life world” a game where we create the planet through imagination, the characters or avatars do not have a name as such assigned and we must integrate them, generally the names used by the little ones are: dad, mom, brother or sister, uncles, aunts the more, in “Toca life world” We name them our way being chefs or workers or firefighters or policemen and we can dress them in that way or customize them with the appearance that we like best.

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What are the names of the characters in Toca Life World?

What are the names of the characters in Toca Life World?

We are going to tell you a little story with which we will be able to get more ideas when we name them or our characters. Our primary character, the avatar we use the most, is named Raúl in the male case, and Rapunsel in the female case. This character is a high school student who goes to school each and every morning, every time he comes home his father welcomes him and helps him with his homework, he goes to English classes in the afternoons with his friends and sleep early for the next school day. On weekends he gets together with José and Luís (his best friends) to play video games at his house, and this is Raúl's routine, using his imagination and “Toca life world” we will understand what foul refers.

Our female character (Rapunsel) also has her story and the most amazing thing is that she meets Raúl. In what way do we think this is true? It is only to use the imagination that we have to relate each thing in “Toca life world”, we encourage you to use your imagination and discover what Rapunsel's story is like and the fact that she meets Raúl. Can we put each and every one of the characters where we want? Yes, by sliding the bar at the bottom of the screen, each and every one of the avatars will appear, we touch and remove them from there and they will appear in the center of the room What we want.

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