How to Draw Bullets in Apex Legends

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In any shooting game, you have to know how to regulate our movements to be able to attack and defend ourselves, strategies are extremely essential to be able to improve as a great player of Apex Legends. This incredible shooter is based on a Battle Royale, where seventy legends land on an island to see who will be the last one standing, each of the users will have the freedom to choose any type of weapon in your tour of the island, for this reason, you need to learn some of the most essential basics of the game. In the article, we are going to teach you how to dodge bullets in Apex Legends

How to Draw Bullets in Apex Legends

How to Draw Bullets in Apex Legends

The most essential thing in this kind of game is that you stay on your feet, regardless of whether you play in squad or solo. For this you must study certain mechanics that will help you improve your movement speed on the map, which will allow you to move from one place to another faster than other players and, therefore, you will take advantage.

Dodging bullets in any shooting game has never been a simple task, but in the Apex Legends, you should consolidate whatever skills your legendary story may have to fit your playstyle. Many content authors on Twitch and YouTube have given themselves the task of instructing this kind of techniques through videos that become extremely famous in a short time, since the Apex Legends community has some fifty million players around the world. planet. 

It is essential that to avoid bullets you use techniques that they teach you in the tutorial, there are suggested buttons with which you can jump and run at the same time, which will allow you to cover yourself with a wall or a building on the map without taking damage. Make a good sprint and you can stop in your tracks or jump to the side, so you can confuse your opponent. With this you will be able dodge bullets in apex legends no inconvenience. 

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