Well, the gyroscope does not work in PubG Mobile 

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The gyroscope is an advanced game aspect, as a general rule it is used by high-level players who are in high ranks, in which absolutely incredible battles are experienced and require a lot of skill to be among the last survivors.

When you are in ranks like Diamond, Ace, and Conqueror, you need to do a lot of kills in order for the game's ranking system to award points, so try one way or another to improve your guerrilla's mobility to be a real fighter. king of this shooter. In the event that you experience problems with your gyroscope and somehow it does not work in PubG Mobile, here we bring you a successful solution. 

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Why is the gyroscope not working in PubG Mobile? 

Why is the gyroscope not working in PubG Mobile? 

There are mobile devices that come with the default gyroscope for these kinds of games, so you want to see the difference without doing any kind of modification to PubG Mobile, and this is a huge failing on the part of the multiplayer community. The gyroscope sometimes does not work if it is not enabled from the game options, you have to be very attentive to it. In order to correct this error, you must go to the main settings of PubG Mobile, and go to the basic configuration submenu, from there you will go to the rotation option, where you will be able to choose whether to use the gyroscope only for when you open the look or in any movement, which requires a lot of practice in PubG Mobile to become a specialist in either option. 

After that, you must go to the sensitivity submenu, since, if you activate the gyroscope buttons and do not configure the sensitivity, it is as if you had not altered anything. We encourage you to make some adjustments to the general scope sensitivity and at least the x6 and x8 scopes at fifty percent movement.

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