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PubG Mobile is a game that is free for mid/high-end devices, because it is a shooter that has completely realistic features and a graphic quality that exceeds that of any mobile device game. Therefore, as the Tencent Games company updates each and every one of the formats, it is necessary to increase the capacity of the devices to be able to play it. In this article, we are going to explain what happens when you cannot update the PUBG Mobile

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Why can't I update PubG Mobile?

Why is PubG Mobile not updating?

Normally when you try to download an update from the Google Play Store or App Store and your mobile device can't handle it, it's because you're having some problem with space in your phone's internal storage, so it's going to be time to do it. a cleaning. We invite you to use an application that does not wear out your phone's storage so much so that you can direct the applications, certain high-end devices of the Xiaomi brand have their administrators to be able to clean up the junk files of the phone, the overexposed photographs that they are superfluous and a cache cleaning of the applications every so often.

In addition to this, if you have social networks like Facebook and Twitter, you must support yourself by cleaning the database, because as the days go by they fill your storage according to the publications you save.  

If you use a mobile device with an Android system, from the Google Play Store you will be notified of how much storage space you need to free up in order to update PubG Mobile. If you have a somewhat lower-end device than required, the game will leave obsolete operating systems, so you need to change your mobile device or play from a PC so that you can continue enjoying the experience to play PubG Mobile. Join PubG Mobile from a mid/high-end device and avoid this kind of inconvenience. 

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