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The thrill of enjoying online games with your friends is unmatched. PubG Mobile is the most entertaining battle royale to have a good time with your friends. However, certain users have reported having problems connecting the microphone, that is, voice chat in games. We understand how annoying this situation can be, so we will assist you by providing you with the information you need to help troubleshoot your microphone failure. PubG Mobile, so that you can enjoy your games with your friends.

This error is generally generated in people who incorporate VPN to change the origin of the connection and thus be able to enter servers in other areas in PubG. Similarly, connection failure tends to affect whether the microphone meets the factors required to connect to voice chat. In such a case, we are going to present you with certain solutions to end the microphone failure of PUBG Mobile.

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PubG mobile microphone error

PubG Mobile Microphone Failure Solution

As we have explained previously, the failure models that affect the operation of the microphone in the PubG Mobile voice chat can be, use of VPN and internet connection. In this sense, the solutions that we can present to you are:

  • Do not use VPN: The use of this kind of network masks to disguise your IP and be able to access other servers is the main flaw for the use of voice chat. Although, to estimate solve it you will have to download either a very good one that guarantees that this kind of inconvenience does not occur, or failing that, not incorporate it. On this website we recommend the auction option.
  • Check internet connection: the network connection is a determining factor in this type of failure. If you do not have a good network connection, obviously the voice chat will not be able to connect and will throw the error. In this sense, we invite you to ensure that your network is stable with good MS to play PubG Mobile without problems.
  • Configure your DNS: Following the previous solution, the DNS may affect when configuring the connection to your microphone. This factor can be adjusted thanks to an application called Cloudflare. When downloading it, all you have to do is change the DNS server to the following:

With these solutions you will be able to end once and for all with the horrible microphone failure of PubG Mobile.

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