Glitch two hundred and fourteen PubG Mobile

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PUBG Mobile is a quite entertaining game based on the perfect Battle Royale game mode, in which a hundred people on an island fight for resources, being pushed against each other until only one is left alive. As entertainment abounds, in certain cases you may need some kind of help to solve the problems of the game. Today we are going to show you how to fix bug two hundred and fourteen of PUBG Mobile 

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Error two hundred and fourteen PubG Mobile

Bug two hundred and fourteen PubG Mobile, what is it?

This is a slippage that occurs in the server connection algorithm when trying to log in to the game. Generally, the message 鈥淟ogin again. two hundred fourteen.". If this is your case, then stay calm because we have the solution for you. These kinds of glitches happen mostly early in the season, when buffs have been added, updates downloaded, and certain things haven't been calculated. 

The origin of the inconvenience goes back to a bad configuration of the locations of the game. It is as if the location from which you play is not authorized to have access to the game. So the most viable solution is to play with a VPN and the location turned off. This will cause the internet to confuse your real location and take that of the server you are connecting to. 

You must first go to the Google Play Store to download Thunder VPN, which is completely free. Next, exactly the same application lets you configure the servers, connections and signal entry points. You can do it with any of the free locations, but we invite you to do it in a European country. 

Here, the game will most likely now find you in Europe, where the competition from PUBG Mobile is somewhat more established, so you will have to adjust to the change and continue playing. 

The long-term solution is to wait for a patch to fix this bug and uninstall the VPN, which significantly reduces your connection speed.

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