Minimum Requirements for Apex Legends Mobile

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Apex Legends Mobile It is a game, to be honest, a bit heavy, that not any mobile could run. If you are looking for the minimum requirements to play Apex Legends Mobile, in this short guide we are going to show you everything you need to know to install this game on your cell phone. The mobile planet has expanded quite a bit in recent times, and studies claim that most web browsing is done on cell phones. It's no surprise that big companies like EA have chosen to develop a game like this, and expand it to a mobile version. 

It is true that despite having a somewhat high graphic quality, Apex Legends Mobile doesn't require a super phone to run, and the minimum requirements to play it are quite flexible. 

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New Minimum Requirements for Apex Legends Mobile

Minimum Requirements for Apex Legends Mobile

By telling you that you require two GB of RAM, the game is capable of running with the greatest simplicity on the planet. And it is that, in truth, this is one of the minimum requirements. Remember all the time that the minimum requirements are the specifications that your phone should have in order to run a game in the lowest quality it has.

You'll also need a fairly powerful processor, but if your phone has two GB of RAM, it's going to have a decent processor. 

If you want the game to run quite fast and not have any kind of drop in fps when you increase the graphic quality, then we recommend you to have a phone with at least four gb of RAM. Free storage is also an essential factor to estimate. You will need at least three free GB, but we invite you to expand this value a bit. A phone collapsed in storage is useless to work at its full potential.

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