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Do you already know the Rhinoceros Coin Master? He is one of the admirable pets that this game has for you. Coin Master's Rhino is known by the name of Rhino, and is one of the most sought after pets by players.

Rhinoceros Coin Master gives players who have him as a companion to their village exclusive benefits. This mascot represents strength and protection, something very typical of rhinos in real life. Since these animals are big and heavy enough to defeat any opponent that comes close. In addition to this when it comes to his territory and his young, he is super protective. Since the Rhinoceros behaves the same Coin Master.

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Coin Master Rhino

What is Rhinoceros Coin Master for?

Coin Master's Rhino is a pet whose function is to protect your village from attempted attacks by other players.

Having the Rhinoceros Coin Master does not ensure you get around each and every attack on your village. In each and every level you will have a percentage of protection from Rhino. For example, at level one you have a one percent chance of being protected, and as you level up, this percentage increases.

When you have Rhino, you don't need to spend your shields, since Rhino is one of them, and as long as it's active, you don't need any more shields.

How to achieve the Rhinoceros Coin Master

Once you've completed the Creatures card compilation, the reward for the exact same is Rhino. Therefore, to achieve the Coin Master rhino, you just have to fill this compilation and that's it.

You must be on the lookout for each of the cards that appear in each and every village. You can also request cards from your friends, through exchanges and thus complete this compilation.

How to activate the Rhino Coin Master

Rhino, like each and every one of Coin Master's pets, requires energy to be active and to help protect your village. To keep it active, you must feed it and depending on the amount of food it will continue to be active for approximately time.

Coin Master gives you a daily portion of food completely free of charge, for this reason it is easier for you to sue. If you want a little more you must buy it, win it with spins, or receive it as a reward from an event or looting.

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