In Which Countries is Apex Legends Mobile Free

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The limited regional release of Apex Legends is out now, and quite a few people are wondering which countries it's free in Apex Legends Mobile. In the article we will answer this question clearly and precisely, pointing out the places where you should be to be able to download this game calmly. 

The mobile environment has surprised everyone with its enormous development in recent times. People stop using computers to move to the mobile environment, which is supported by its portability, but limited by its peculiarities. It will never be the same to have a mobile phone as a PC, but advances in technology have allowed the creation of little by little more powerful cell phones, which satisfy the demand for peculiarities by users. 

This is where game console game developers come into play, as they haven't missed the chance to come out on top, and have created mobile versions of the games we like the most. 

In Which Countries is Apex Legends Mobile Free

List of free countries for Apex Legends

In this list are Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and now our favorite game, Apex Legends, is added. Fifty million downloads in its first week of release made EA confident in this regard, wanting to depose even COD mobile, which is perhaps the most played mobile shooter of all. 

Apex Legends released a temporary mobile version, to fix bugs with a small set of people. They affirm , with the aim of polishing systems, improving processes and preventing fatalities. This is a precise process when launching a digital type product. Absolutely no one knows what happens to systems when they are being used by millions of people at the same time. It is best to be forewarned. 

Apex Legends Mobile is available today for Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Colombia, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore and Australia. If you are in any of these countries today, we hope you enjoy the pre-launch with your friends. 

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