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If you have wondered what would it be like to be friends with one of the top clash royale players and being able to spectate one of his many games, since let me say that you came to the right place. 

In this article we are going to show you how to have the friendship link Clash Royale top players in a quick and easy way, like, some tips related to the clash royales friendship menu. 

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Clash Royale Friendship Link of Top Players

Clash Royale Friendship Link of Top Players

First we will see what are the advantages of friendship link, which are essentially the possibility of entering the clan of any of the top players today. This, what it carries with it is that be able to benefit from clan rewards, apart from being able to exchange cards with other members of that clan.

Being able to change cards is a huge advantage for you, since it will let you max only the ones you need, apart from assisting other members who need certain cards that you, maybe you don't use or are not interested in maxing. 

In the awards section, since obviously the reward chest will bring many convenient rewards for you, and we are talking about a top clan. You couldn't expect less from those chests. 

But, if you have no idea how to add friends in clash royale, here we bring you point by point how to complete the process. 

  • Go to the App of Clash Royale.
  • Look for the little tab that is affirmed 'Social'.
  • When you manage to enter, another new tab will appear that says 'friends'.
  • Clicking on it will give you the option of 'invite friends'.
  • Once inside, they will offer you multiple options to add your friends, with link by mail, twitter, and whatsapp. Simply choose the one you prefer and send it to your friend who already plays or wants to enter the planet of clash royale.

As you can see, it is a fairly simple process, with which you will be able to add everyone you want. 

How to achieve the friendship link of the top Clash Royale players

Here is the complex, or not. It all depends on which way you see it, the case is that most of the top players through their social networks (instagram, twitter, YouTube), take charge of a raffle, reward the winners, giving them access to their clan. So you will have to be aware of when they do so that you can enter one of the many top clans of clash royale. 

Another very particular way is to seek him directly in the table of best players, and send him the friend request directly. We do not think that you will achieve it, but I am not the one to deny this possibility either. 

As we could see, the clash royale friendship link of top players is an extremely easy procedure, that all of you who are active in clash royale can try. They will only waste several minutes sending the petitions and examining their social networks. 

We hope that this information has been helpful to everyone, and we recommend that you continue reading our articles related to the planet of clash royale, as well as many more games on our official website. 

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