How to View Weapon Damage in PubG Mobile

How to View Weapon Damage in PubG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is a multiplayer game with a significant number of weapons. This means that there are too many things to take into consideration when designing the gaming experience. An example of this are the bullets they use, the probability of locating them and, above all, their statistics. Today you are going to learn how to view weapon damage in PUBG Mobile.

Despite being a fairly complete game, the truth is that it hides certain details about the weapons we use. To give an example, it would be quite difficult to know that an AVM is capable of annihilating a player, whatever protection he has, with a headshot. That said, weapon damage changes from time to time. Rebalances are a rife thing in the game, and the developers are pretty picky about what they alter.

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How to View Weapon Damage in PubG Mobile

How to View Weapon Damage in PubG Mobile

To this day there is no definitive way to be able to see the damage of the weapons in PUBG Mobile, but you can get an idea if you measure it yourself, seeing how many bullets you take down a person.

This is a simple task. However, we can tell you that when it comes to damage, the AVM, M24 and Kar 98K do the most. We previously mentioned that a headshot takes anyone down, no matter what they're carrying. On M24 this occurs, as long as the player is not wearing a level three helmet. In addition to this, you need two shots to the body to take someone down with some sort of shield. 

Finally, what seems to be one of the worst rifles of all is the Kar 98K, which requires four shots to the chest when the opponent has a level three shield. This, coupled with it being a bolt action weapon, makes the rifle one of the worst options in the game. 

Lastly, there is no in-game alternative to show how much health a weapon is capable of removing, and making a table calculating it is somewhat useless due to rebalancing. Therefore, it is best to test to find out which weapon has the most damage. As of today, the most useful rifle in the game is the G36C.

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