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PUBG Mobile It is a game in which competitiveness is everything, apart from entertainment, of course. It is a game with a ranking system in which you can get juicy rewards. If you are one of those who have reached ace rank and want to know how much to climb until you reach Conqueror, we are going to show you how to see the top five hundred of PUBG Mobile.

This, in addition to this, can leave you if you are already inside, to show off with the rest of the people. At the end of the day, it is something that you got with the sweat of your brow, apart from certain deaths of your character, of course. 

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How to View the Top Five Hundred PubG Mobile

How to View the Top Five Hundred PubG Mobile

As you may know, the highest rank in the entire game is the conqueror, which includes the XNUMX people with the most cups in the game. It's a pride to get there, and the game rewards you with amazing things when you reach this rank. The developers have been in charge of transmitting this classification live and rigorously direct, making each and every one of the people have the possibility of seeing the ranking in real time. 

By accessing the top five hundred on the pubg.op page you will be able to access this data, along with the statistics of each player, number of games played, kd, etc... 

You can still see the top 1 of the game. Although this type of practice is somewhat dangerous, since the username of each player is revealed and encourages spam against them. As a general rule, the most affected are the first and the last.

The first for not appreciating being demoted, and the other for appreciating being overtaken by the ace ranked players. If you want to get to Conqueror soon, you can apply the country strategy and rack up points for staying until the end of the game. This requires only getting a minimally good weapon and hiding until the time the area closes, and going like this until the end.

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