How to Unlink a PubG Mobile Account from Facebook

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The Facebook social network is one of the most used platforms to link your friends in the PubG Mobile, so that the game can gain more fame, you can play with each and every one of the people you have added on Facebook, or simply to exchange rewards for creating this link with the game. If for the moment you do not want to share that personal information from your account, no matter how confidential Tencent Games can handle it, there is a way to unlink your Facebook account from the PUBG MobileHere we explain the steps. 

PubG Mobile is a game with a huge impact and relevance in games on mobile devices, a free online shooter for both Android and IOS phones, in which both of you can resort to a process to automatically link your accounts personal with any game. If you feel truly sorry about having your account linked, you should take into consideration that the game asks you to unlink it for at least two days with the active account, an adaptation process that is also used for name changes with ID card and zone changes. 

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How to Unlink a PubG Mobile Account from Facebook

How to Unlink a PubG Mobile Account from Facebook

The first thing you are going to do is enter your Facebook account, you can go to the settings to the applications and sites submenu, it will send you to a list where you will see each and every one of the games that are linked to your Facebook account, to the side of each application you can press an alternative to delete, you confirm it and that's it, you break any link that your Facebook has with PubG Mobile

Join PubG Mobile and register by linking your account with a social network with which you will not regret it then, Tencent Games will try to keep your information fully reserved so that no user can steal your account.

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