How to Slide in Apex Legends

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Gliding is one of the most essential techniques in Apex Legends, because it will help us improve our movement speed and take advantage of our opponents to lead us to the path of victory. In this game we must bear in mind that sliding has two totally different aspects. These techniques are of utmost importance to be able to fall in the specific landing zone, or not to choose a bad path where we can run into many opponents. 

We must also take a technique to go further when we execute the relaunch of a balloon, which is called the super slide technique, it is vital in a game to get the most out of the balloons at the time of landing. 

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How to Slide in Apex Legends

How to Slide in Apex Legends

In order to achieve a glide at the moment we launch from the airplane, we must use a procedure called step or wave, which will allow us to fall in the precise location that we want and not in an approximate one. To be able to do it, we mark the area of 鈥嬧媡he map of our preference, and we must launch ourselves when we are right there, turning the entire camera downwards for as long as we can, when we reach 125m to fall we slide our balloon facing forward, and then we press it to go down faster. By repeating this procedure we will be able to go down to the respective city on the map faster than other players.

Falling faster with sliding will give you a huge advantage, you will have extra time to be able to pick up weapons and the necessary equipment to be able to finish off opponents who are hardly going to be looking for objects in the city, you will take advantage very quickly and you will have higher chances of winning. 

The controls that we will use to be able to slide are those with which we manipulate the firing sight, in the case of the computer with the mouse, and in the consoles with the right joystick of the command. join the Apex Legends and execute each and every one of these advanced techniques. 

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