How to transfer Apex Legends from one PC to another 

Apex Legends is a very entertaining game, which consists of a Battle Royale where seventy users try to find a way to survive on an island. When you have trouble downloading this magnificent shooter from your computer, it is fully possible to download it from a pc and then send it. In this article, we are going to explain how to transfer Apex Legends from one PC to another regardless of the platform you use to play it. 

Apex Legends like any other game for computer video consoles, it can be sent from one place to another by means of folders. These techniques are used by most users who do not have a good network connection and need to go to other sites to download the game. In addition to this, you must bear in mind that Origin is only an installer, it essentially works as an intercessor so that Apex Legends or any other free game for this platform can work in an unbeatable way, so you should not worry when making your download from other media, as long as the files are complete. 

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How to transfer Apex Legends from one PC to another 

How to transfer Apex Legends from one PC to another 

To do this, you have to be very attentive to your download, that it does not have any kind of failure in your network connection so that the Origin or Steam platforms can successfully scan your games, apart from having a pendrive or a hard drive portable to be able to pass the files from one pc to another. You must have a free storage space of about 32GB to be able to have the game, take each and every one of the precise forecasts and make sure that your file storage does not have viruses. Then, you choose the folder on your Origin or Steam platform and add it to the program, the files will go through a scanner to be able to notice that they are all part of the game, it will repair the junk files and this will take only a few minutes. 

With all this procedure, you will be able to count on your Apex Legends from one pc to another without any inconvenience. 

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