How to Pass Apex Legends Training

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If you are a newbie to the game, you might find the main tutorial of all of Apex Legends difficult. If this happens to you, then we are going to show you in this tutorial the way and the things you must do to know how to pass the Apex Legends training. The game has innovated quite recently, with the aim of attracting new players. There are people who already have some time in the world of gaming and it is simple for them, because in the end it is yet another tutorial in which they teach you the essential controls. 

However, there are beginners who come to the game and do not know how to start. In the article we will assist you to pass the training of Apex Legends without any kind of problems

How to Pass Apex Legends Training

How to Pass Apex Legends Training

You will first be sent to a combat zone where you will be asked to complete a series of missions. When you fill them, the training will end and you will be able to start the online battles. Here you will learn the basic mechanics of the game, from how to throw grenades to the ways you have to shoot. They will give you advice that if you are new, it will seem like one more mission, rather than something basic in the world of gaming. It's about never shooting from the hip.

You will also learn to carry out executions, and even to use the unique abilities of the characters. Without a doubt, it is a fairly complete tutorial. However, multiple people have reported a bug in the weapon switching section. 

This is a bug in the game where the game does not assign a button to switch weapons by default. Then it becomes completely impossible to fulfill this part of the training. 

The problem is quite simple to solve. It is only enough to go to the settings section, and in the controls part, assign a key to this mechanic, which is quite essential when playing Apex Legends.

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