How to Throw Grenades in PubG Mobile

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pomegranates in the PubG Mobile and any shooting game, they are a tool of the utmost importance to be able to reach the path of victory. The plurality of grenades that PubG has has different uses, which will serve to heat them up, time them, escape from an opponent or suppress multiple opponents that are together.

Grenades in any war have been a very vital resource to achieve victory when we are at a numerical disadvantage, in PubG Mobile, most content authors have many of them to play modalities such as solo vs duo or solo vs squad. If you want to become a professor of explosives, in the article we will explain in detail how to throw grenades in the PUBG Mobile.

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How to Throw Grenades in PubG Mobile

How to Throw Grenades in PubG Mobile

The game has multiple types of grenade: stun, fragmentation and smoke, which we can get by looting any area of 鈥嬧媡he map in the perfect Battle Royale game mode. You can get grenades in each and every city, building, island and airplane that we find on the PubG Mobile map, and it is essential that you have at least one of each type in your inventory. 

If you use the stun grenades, they will let you hold an opponent without total vision for a period of six to seven seconds depending on how close the grenade has fallen, when you throw a stun you have two occasions depending on your situation, attack or escape from the opponent.

In the event that you want to launch the smoke ones, it is a very strategic resource, you can use it to move from one side to another in exactly the same city on the map, or to hold an opponent who is in a building or closed space without vision, they march with perfection for any kind of ambush.

As for the fragmentation grenades, they are the ones that have damage in PubG Mobile, so it is common to throw them to attack, a single grenade can help you hurt many opponents.

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