How to Save Spins in Coin Master

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Getting free spins in Coin Master is easy, since the game offers you different options to achieve it. To get spins you must enter the application daily, invite friends, give away resources through social networks, among many others. If you have little time to play and do not want to lose this benefit, you should learn how to save spins in Coin Master.

Save runs to Coin Master It is a great option, since this way, you will be able to use this resource when you need it.

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How to Save Spins in Coin Master

How to save spins in Coin Master

Follow the next instructions, and you will be able to save rolls in Coin Master so as not to lose this great resource:

  • You must find the code you want to use to win spins. This can be from rewards apps, social media, or the website you want to visit. It is essential that you access from the device on which you have the game installed
  • Put the device in Airplane Mode already before clicking on the reward of the spins. This is so that WiFi and data are disabled
  • Click on the reward link
  • Since the internet connection is disabled, the link will not redirect you to the game app, and spins will not be redeemed. This is how they are stored
  • When you have your spins booked, activate the WiFi or data connection to your device again to enter the game again

By following each of these steps, you will find that it is not only efficient for stacking spins but rather other Coin Master rewards as well. You can stack coins, cards, hammer, shields and even pet food. All of these resources are great for advancing Coin Master and continuing to earn prizes and rewards.

There are cases where players win a lot of spins by completing quests or singular events. These can also be saved to be used later. However, when you pile up countless rolls, the level of complexity of the game increases. This is because you are detected as a regular player, or because you are the winner of the event. What is sought is to give a small advantage to the most novice players.

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