How to Enable Chat in Brawl Stars

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Yes already descargaste Brawl Stars in the right way and you've already played your first games, but you decided to play with your friends because you think it would be more enjoyable to go together, which is very certain, but you don't know how to write to them, since you stop worrying. We bring you a guide with everything you need to know to activate chat in brawl stars. 

We remind you that if you do not know the players who invite you, always and at all times treat them with respect, we do not support disrespect, or racial or religious insults towards or against other teammates. 

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How to Enable Chat in Brawl Stars

How to Enable Chat in Brawl Stars

The fastest way to join a chat of equipment is very simple. Now, we are going to explain it to you with a series of steps so that you do not get lost in the process. 

  • You must ask the room author to share the access code to the room. You will put this code, going to the main screen of the game, in the upper right part you will see an icon with 3 dots, you will click on it. 
  • Clicking on it will display a menu, we will choose the option that says team chat, another alternative will appear, which is to join with code. 
  • You will fill that space with the room code. And that's it, you're going to be in the room of the team that shared their code with you.

In case you want to play with voice chat, nowadays there is a huge variety of programs at your disposal. Beginning with Discord, which is the program determined by the gamer community, as the best. 

Here you will be able to be in specific game communities, and find channels with players like , who seek partners for team games. It is not restricted to only Brawl Star, here you will find communities of any game you want. You just have to cheer up and go in to have fun with your new teammates. 

We hope that this article has been useful to you and that you can use the chat in the best way. We recommend that you read our articles related to the world of Brawl Star, as well as many other games on our official website. 

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