How to Reset Toca Life World

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We have to take into consideration that if we restart “Toca life world” we will lose all our data and purchases made in the game. Normally we do not advise doing this since we would start from the beginning including that we would lose all the time we have dedicated to our story, but step by step we will teach you how to do it (running on each and every one of the devices). 

We enter the "Toca Life World" game, and on the loading screen in the upper right corner we will be able to see an icon in the form of an orange arrow, click on it and it will tell us if we want to restart our planet and start from scratch, including several warnings of what is going to happen, we click on restart and ready we have already restarted our account of “Toca life world” We click on the start button and we will be able to appreciate our account from scratch.

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How to Reset Toca Life World

How to Reset Toca Life World

In the opposite case, if we do not want to do this and we really want to save the data and purchases of our account, it is easy, on our phone or computer we go to the play store and try “Toca life world” Click on more information under the images and locate (Play games in use) then open Play games and go to the achievements and markers section and open the game so that it saves all our data in play games. 

It is necessary to have a Google account in our hands to be able to do this procedure if we do not have one we will have to create it. The first time we start Play Games it will ask us for a Google account which we will associate with it, if we already have an account we just have to click on (start session), if we do not click on (create account), once inside we will be asked for names , surnames, date of birth, a name for our email and an access code, with Google Play associated with Play games we only have to enter "Touch Life World” and the progress of the planet will start saving automatically. 

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