How to Play Three Fingers in PubG Mobile

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Playing three fingers is one of the most popular setups in any shooter game. Most games come with a default two-finger system where the screen divides your actions into left and right sides respectively. There are people who support this configuration and adapt to it, as well as other users who prefer the three-finger configuration because they can perform faster actions and take advantage of their opponents when attacking and reacting.

If your goal is to learn how to play three fingers in the PUBG Mobile, you are in the right place, this time we are going to show you in detail how to carry out your three-finger configuration and the benefits that it will give you. 

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How to Play Three Fingers in PubG Mobile

How to Play Three Fingers in PubG Mobile

With this kind of configuration we will put a single hand in the form of a claw, using in this case the two thumbs and a single index finger according to your preference of left or right hand. With the original configuration, what is considered as "the rookie settings" you only use your two thumbs to perform each and every one of the tasks (aim, shoot, move, review your inventory, among many others) more as you adapt to the game and you achieve a high performance in the games.

You will realize that adding one more finger will make it easier for you to carry out more actions in a shorter amount of time, so you add an index finger for greater comfort when holding your mobile device. 

You can divide the actions of the game with a three-finger configuration in this way: use the left hand to shoot, in this case you use the left thumb for the mobility of your character and a little higher the fire button with the index finger, like this leave your right thumb alone to perform actions such as jumping, aiming, having a better vision, among many other buttons that you want to add. With this you complete a three-finger configuration that with a bit of practice will help you improve your level of play.

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