How to Play First Person in PubG Mobile

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The independent company Tencent Games, developer of the game PubG Mobile, has the purpose of optimizing the gaming experience of each one of the users of its community, regardless of the site where you are, since PubG Mobile is a game that has millions of downloads worldwide, positioning itself as one of the best in the category of shooting games for mobile devices.

With this in mind, Tencent Games will always want to keep its community happy, so there are two view modes to play PubG Mobile, first person or third person. When you play in third person, the field of vision is a bit more extensive, because you have a proportion of space at three hundred and sixty degrees, while, when you play in first person, you will only be able to see everything in front of you onscreen.

This does not mean that playing first person is bad, because each and every one of the shooting games started with this game mode and many video game lovers requested the perfect first person mode, so, In the article, we will explain how to use it in PUBG Mobile.  

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How to Play First Person in PubG Mobile

How to Play First Person in PubG Mobile

In order to access the option to play in the first person in the PubG Mobile game, you must take into consideration a key procedure for this. Playing in the first person will let you have a huge experience, because you would essentially simulate real life, you have a XNUMX degree view and the game becomes more exciting and furious. 

What you must do to play first person is go to the maps that have current starting options, which you will be able to place in an upper corner of the screen, in this submenu the options to play in first and third person will appear both the traditional perfect mode as the arcade perfect mode, you will press the first person option and voila, you will be ready to play. 

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