How to Play PubG Mobile with Ps4 Controller on Ipad

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PubG Mobile It is a game that is always updated according to technology, which is advancing exponentially and promises different ways to play any shooter, from mobile devices, consoles, computers and others. Android systems are somewhat easier than IOS system, the difference between them is the availability of each and every application in the keymapper.

The app Store developed by Apple offers fewer options and alternative options, apart from the fact that the vast majority of its mappers are somewhat outdated, especially those that perform a key function so that a game like PUBG Mobile You can count on innovations like linking a console controller for use in the game. So today we bring you the solution for this issue.

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How to Play PubG Mobile with Ps4 Controller on Ipad

How to Play PubG Mobile with Ps4 Controller on Ipad

On ipad, you can download shootingPlus_V3, a totally ideal alternative option that receives updates often, to be able to count on it you must have a supervisor who can run on your ipad, fulfilling the respective requirements you will be able to use your platform and install it. From this, you connect the ps4 controller via USB-C, which will be fully compatible when you put to work the keymapper of your choice that you have downloaded. With the application working, the IOS system should immediately warn your ps4 controller, apart from giving you the option to configure the keys and buttons you want to play with. 

You must log in to PubG Mobile With the ps4 controller already connected so that it can go, do not try to connect and disconnect it in the game because you could bug the game, and the ideal is that you optimize your experience when playing PubG Mobile. 

Despite having to play with a cable through the middle, the ps4 controls are extremely comfortable and will not force you to play in the best possible way.

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