How to Monitor Backtracking in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile is a game that has many details for the different actions that you must carry out on the battlefield, a shooter that requires a lot of practice and that has become a game that has been downloaded for Android and IOS as well as Free Fire, Fortnitey Call Of Duty Mobile. It is an extremely popular game on each and every one of the platforms and social networks, apart from being able to play it from mobile devices and computers.

Therefore, the community is very competitive, each and every one of the players wants to reach the world top because the game has many servers, and countless players scattered all over the planet, for this, it is essential that you start to practice your game skills, in such a way that you keep pace and do not let yourself be beaten by any player, apart from the practical part, it is good that you know certain basic notions of PUBG Mobile, among them, how to monitor the recoil of your weapon to have greater precision on the battlefield. 

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How to Monitor Backtracking in PubG Mobile

How to monitor backtracking in PubG Mobile

Recoil is an absolutely uncontrolled and involuntary movement that our weapon makes when we shoot, although it is true that weapons cannot undergo recoil modifications, it is something that we can master with a lot of practice, most users like to compete with rifles attack, which are the weapons that have the most recoil in the game. 

In order to easily monitor backtracking in PubG Mobile you can activate the rotate option, this splendid action appears in the main settings of the game, particularly in the basic settings submenu. With it you will have a gyroscope on your mobile device that will help you monitor the recoil of your weapons in an automated way, when the rotation is activated, it will only be enough to move the device a little downwards imitating the function that you would do with your finger to move your sights

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