How to Delete a PubG Mobile Account

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PubG Mobile It has been a very successful saga of shooting games over the years, and despite the creation of competing games like Call Of Duty or Fornite, it has stayed afloat with the creation of its version made for mobile devices. Once again encouraging your community to continue playing the saga that was created by Tencent Games a few years ago. PUBG Mobile It had an impact in the year two thousand and seventeen, being the first recognized high-level shooter for Android and IOS system phones, it is a game where you can change the area as many times as you want, waiting for a period of time and enjoy playing with different people at the world level, improving your level and testing the graphic quality that this game offers.

Unfortunately, when any game console lover starts to play often any game. With the passing of time they get bored and decide to take other games, technology continues to create and new shooters always come out, some decide to donate their accounts with each and every one of the achievements they have won over the years, others decide to sell them , and a small part of the players in the community decide to permanently remove their accounts.

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How to Remove a PubG Mobile Account

How to Remove a PubG Mobile Account

Many users in the community wonder can I really delete a PubG Mobile account? And it is absolutely true, here we are going to explain each and every one of the steps that you must follow to delete your account. PubG Mobile in case you decide not to continue playing it. 

The first thing you should do is log in to your account and go to the game settings, near the "customer service" option, you will find a small option at the bottom of your screen where you will be able to easily delete your account , click there, confirm each and every one of the pop-up windows and you will have a waiting period of seven days, where in that period you can regret removing the account or not, as the days go by the game will send you a support ticket where It will return you to the front page of the game.

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