How to make your house in Toca Life World

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At the beginning of the game they give us a completely free house to start our adventure, the extensive varieties of houses in "Toca Life World" are paid and we find them in the store, every time we buy a new one it gives us the option to build it in the place that we want this is the way to make our houses in “Toca life world".

We have the option to decorate our houses, such as the one we received at the beginning of the game, within it in the upper right corner a blue icon will appear, we press on it and we will be able to observe a wide variety of items to decorate our home and with this explained you can simply decorate your house as you like. If we reach a point where we have no more items, it will show us the store icon, pressing on it we will see each and every one of the decorations that each package brings in "Toca Life World"

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How to make your house in Toca Life World

How to make your house in Toca Life World

As we previously stated, to get a house we must acquire it as well as many decorations, we have alternative options for this, such as entering our payment methods to get our new things and being able to use our account on different devices, or use external means (mods) to be able to fully achieve all without cost but without being able to put our account and other devices.

If you are one of the veteran people or you like to stand out in “Toca life world” I recommend you get each and every one of these things in the game and that you teach those who do not know how to play in the operation and mechanics of “Touch” if you are one of the people who enjoys this game, whether little or much what you have In order to spend time either recording, or telling stories, or stories and/or playing with your friends, I recommend telling your story starting from scratch, telling every anecdote that you live day by day with your avatars.

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