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To make a cake in “Toca life world” First we must go to the pastry shop, there we will need a change of chef, pastry chef or chef clothes and a series of ingredients that are required to prepare our cakes: a lump of sugar and a fruit, we mix the lump of sugar with a fruit in this way we already have our cake freshly made and we only serve it on a plate.

Among the combinations of cakes that we can make are: sugar and blue cotton for the mermaid cake; sugar and any fruit to serve as an example, orange for an orange cake, if instead of orange it is strawberry it would be a strawberry cake; sugar and chocolate for a chocolate cake; a potato and a piece of cheese for a cheesecake. And here the unknown, where can I find those ingredients? In the bakery, there we will have everything we need to make our cakes.

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How to Make a Cake in Toca Life World for Free

How to Make a Cake in Toca Life World for Free

Apart from cakes, we can also do different things like; with sugar and a piece of pumpkin we prepare some tortillas; with sugar and a cherry a cherry pai; with sugar and apple we make an apple pie. If we want individual portions, we combine the already prepared sweets with others and it will give us a portion of each of them, except for the cakes.

With these tips and easy steps you will be able to be a chef at the time of cooking in "Toca Life World", an initiative would be to plan an assembly with your friends and prepare some cake, or make a competition and that the best sweet win, the more. This is up to you and you decide what to do and what not to do with and on your planet. And this does not only mean that you can cook sweets or only the pastry area, but also that you can also cook your favorite foods whenever you want in “Toca life world".

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