How to Make Slime in Toca Life World

Having our own house in “Toca life world” we go to the center of this, that is, the room and the materials that we will use are the following: glue this is in the school area; contact lens liquid (it is located in the shopping center in urbe sarao; coloring, it is obtained in the mall; glitter, its location is the clothing store in urbe jaleo, we will need something to stir and a bowl, and if most of these areas are paid.

After having everything necessary, we begin to prepare our slime, we put each and every one of the things on our table, and we introduce a little glue in the bowl and mix. Now we add the coloring that we like the most, here I will use the colorado and we continue to continue mixing. Next, we introduce the contact lens liquid in the bowl next to everything else already mentioned before, we continue beating. We add a little more glue and next to it the glitter and we continue beating until we have a viscous mixture and we have finished preparing our slime, we can do different things with it how to use it as a garment or on our face or decoration.

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How to Make Slime in Toca Life World

How to Make Slime in Toca Life World

In "Toca Life World" you can't make slime, so don't worry if you don't have these areas or things, this is a little story for fun because with imagination everything is possible.

¿Is there a place in "toca life world" to get real slime? That's right, the first location is in the mail building where you pick up your gifts, there you will see a green box that contains glue and dye, you must combine these two in order to have your slime. The second location is in the place of the snow, in the room on the floor we see a glass and in this the slime is located and finally in the section where you create your avatars we click the slime icon scrolling down we will find it and we will be able to supply it.

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