How to Login with Another Account to PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile It is a game that gives you the option of being able to create multiple accounts in different areas and with different options to link them, so it is normal in this game that you can share with each and every one of the communities worldwide and see how you feel more comfortable. There are many users of this well-known shooter who do not have the knowledge of how to enter with other accounts to PUBG Mobile, which is a very simple procedure, if you are looking for a way to open and close multiple accounts from a single mobile device, you are in the right place.

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How to Login with Another Account to PubG Mobile

How to Login with Another Account to PubG Mobile

PubG Mobile lets you create an account with four different links, social networks like Facebook and Twitter, an email or Google Play Games account, or simply as a guest to try your luck in other areas. The first thing you must do to log in with another account is to close the one you already have active on your mobile device, but how can you do that?

It is easy, you must go to the main settings of the game, and go to the account settlement submenu, where an alternative will appear to be able to log out, after you carry out this procedure you will be sent to the main cover of the game, where you calmly go to be able to complete the respective information to open a session with another account. 

Most content authors have multiple accounts in the different areas of the game, to be able to make videos and weblogs about the level of play in each of the areas on the planet, PubG Mobile has more than four free areas, and possibly you can create four accounts in different zones. Other players use the asset of having multiple accounts to run with the fortune of winning the exclusive roulette prizes in any of their accounts, or simply for entertainment or to lend them to their friends in the community. 

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