How to be Pregnant in Toca Life World

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To be pregnant in «Toca life world” we will mainly need to have a female avatar, in order for our avatar to get pregnant we need to have the bundle from the health center without this we will not be able to make our female avatar pregnant. Already before this we must have a house in property either paid or free where we will form our family, in it we must choose a room for the baby and we must decorate it for him or her.

After acquiring the package of the health center in the store (green icon) we go to the section of the second floor babies (yellow color) here inside in the cloakrooms we will find the pregnant clothes that we will need. Leaving the health center we go to the section to create our avatar, there we can also see the pregnant clothes with different suits, models and colors to choose from, here we choose the one we like best for our avatar.

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How to Be Pregnant in Toca Life World

How to Be Pregnant in Toca Life World

At the moment you like the most, you can go back to the health center (floor two) to review our avatar, we pass with the doctor who is at the end of the corridor, that's how it is with this our avatar is pregnant and we will have to wait a while to be able to take him to the health center again to be able to have our toma. As soon as you feel ready, take her back to the health center and don't forget the weekly and monthly check-ups, remember that you must be aware of your avatar's pregnancy.

I do not forget to remark that in “Toca life world“You are the owner of your story, by this I mean that you decide what happens, what is going to happen or what you are going to do throughout the pregnancy and later when your shot reaches the planet. When you are ready, do not forget to go to the health center to give birth to your new baby and remember to put your imagination to the limit throughout this period of pregnancy.

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