How to Login to PubG Mobile with ID

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PubG Mobile It has many ways to be able to register a new player, there are times when people lose the data to log in to their accounts, so you can count on some key information to be able to recover it. In this article we are going to explain each and every one of the procedures to be able to recover an account and that you can enter with ID in the PUBG Mobile

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How to Login to PubG Mobile with ID

How to Login to PubG Mobile with ID

Recovering an account in the game is easy, as long as you have some key information about your account. The ID is produced the moment you register your account, certain players use the ID so that their friends can add them in the game and avoid the similarity of names with other users. When you lose the account, you can go to the user service, explain your problem in writing and to trust that the account is yours, put the initials and numbers of your ID,

Normally the company that develops and inspects the game, Tencent Games, takes about seven days to examine your request, from the moment that you recently had activity with the mobile device with the account, and if it matches the phone where you are sending your request. The ID is almost like a record, an identity card that we have in the game, so it is extremely precise that you learn it. 

The objective of this procedure is that you can secure your account as much as possible, because if any user has your ID, they could make exactly the same request as you to recover the account and take ownership of it without permission.  

Synchronize each and every one of the precise data to enter your account PubG Mobile through the ID, in the personal information of your profile, you can do all this procedure so that the ID is a key way to enter the game.

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