How to Enter PubG Mobile Without Facebook  

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PubG Mobile It has different ways to link your account, so that you can enter it with any option that is linked. The majority of the users of the community do not like to leave their personal information and that is why they register without leaving any kind of link, so their accounts are always at risk since they can be left without them if they lose the data. Of income. In the article we are going to show you how you can enter PubG Mobile without using the Facebook social network. 

The first thing to keep in mind is that the PUBG Mobile It has three registration options to enter the game apart from Facebook. In such a case, we talked about the social network Twitter, with which you can create an account in the game without any problem by filling in all the information requested by the game, you can even get rewards in the game by linking your Twitter account. 

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How to Enter PubG Mobile Without Facebook  

How to Enter PubG Mobile Without Facebook  

In addition to this, you can use your email or your Google Play Games account, with which you maintain an active session with each and every one of the games, Google Play Games accounts have different achievements for each and every one of the games from the Google Play Store, if you complete the missions you can earn gift cards or other benefits that will surely help you recharge UC coins in the game.

You can enter the game in another area through a guest account, in order to try different experiences of playing with another community. The plurality of ways to enter the PubG Mobile without needing to link your Fb it has no limits, the only disadvantage is that, in order to play with FB friends who share this emotion with you of playing PubG Mobile, you will have to add them by other methods, through their username or of your ID card. 

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