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PUBG is a formidably enjoyable game that came out in XNUMX. So from being the first Battle Royale of all, it decided to expand to the mobile environment with PUBG Mobile, and once again diversifies by creating a version for mobile phones with low capacities, such as PUBG Mobile lite. Today we are going to show you the way to get free BC in PUBG Mobile Lite. 

PUBG Mobile Lite offers exactly the same experience as the original game, but in a smaller format and with sixty people. In addition to this, you get an auxiliary token to exchange in the game. It is the BC or Battle Coins. This is obtained in a paid way, but today we can show you how to have it for free.

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How to Get BC for Free in PubG Mobile

How to Get BC for Free in PubG Mobile

You can get money for beliefs on Google. Then this can be changed by gift cards in the play store that you can use to acquire all kinds of tokens in games. Try to collect at least one US dollars so that you can acquire BC in PUBG Mobile Lite.

This is a Google application where you participate in paid surveys. You earn a little for each survey, but in certain weeks you can get some extra money that will help you to have free BC in PUBG Mobile. Now that you have your BCs, you can purchase the PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass and get more rewards. In addition to this, you will not need to acquire more BC, since with this battle pass you can have more with the seasonal rewards. 

You can also get other ways to make money without needing to depend on the Google application. Access YouTube and search for how to make money online, and in any tutorial they show you easy processes that could help you continue to have free tokens in games. 

In short, to have BC for free in PUBG Mobile, you just need to get an application that pays for doing easy tasks, and exchange the money for Google Play gift cards.

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