How to Have five Shields in Coin Master

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The way to protect your village and your progress in Coin Master is through shields and your admirable pet Rhino. However, they are eminently the shields. To win them, you just have to get three shields lined up in the slot machine. You must learn how to have five shields in Coin Master in order to keep your village protected from attacks by other players.

The shields of Coin Master they are invaluable, and when you get them they are activated automatically, to keep your buildings protected from attacks. You must be on the lookout every time a player breaks a shield trying to attack your village, avoid running out of shields.

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How to Have Five Shields in Coin Master

How to have five shields in Coin Master

Try these strategies, they are ideal to achieve five shields in Coin Master. Remember that through the slot machine, you can only get five shields.

Make more rolls

Make each and every one of the rolls that are possible until you achieve the three shields of your village. This way you will be protected for longer. Upon reaching a higher level, you can get up to five shields. It is convenient that when you already have full shields, you stop playing. Since even if you get shields, you will no longer be able to use them and they are not saved, so you will lose them.

Complete card builds

Completing card builds earns you awesome rewards like free spins, which are essential for earning shields.


When making spins you have the chance to bet to multiply your winnings. To bet you must have more than 1 free spin. Depending on the number of spins you use at the same time, your reward will be multiplied. As soon as the shields come out as prizes, they will multiply, until they occupy every free empty space to use.

How many shields can you have active at the same time?

The number of shields you can have active depends on the village you are in. If you are in a very advanced village, you will have the benefit of having five shields active. You can check how many shields you have left, you just have to visit your village and see the spaces between the stars and the main menu. There you will see how many shields you have free.

You can easily recognize your shields, since they are circular in shape, made of wood and stone. This way you will be able to quickly identify them in the information bar of your village. If you notice that there are multiple shields followed by empty circles, one of them has already been broken, and you have free space for another shield.

It is possible to store more shields than are active

The truth is that this is not possible. If you can only have three or five activated in the village you're in, you can't save any other shields you earn. When your village's shield slots are full, the auxiliary shields become rolls. So you do not lose your play in the slot machine.

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