How to Go Pro in PubG Mobile

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 If you are one of those who loses games always and in all circumstances, you should know that it does not mean that you are bad. PubG Mobile it is a game that has predetermined strategies, apart from controls that each and every one of the players must take into consideration. Today you are going to learn how to be a pro in PUBG Mobile.

The game is made so that a single configuration triumphs over the rest, and that is why we will mention this part first. Turn on rotation so you can suppress recoil from weapons change your sight sensitivity to progress your aim.

You can also activate the assisted aim. This is not functional when a player is more than a hundred meters away, but it will help you in close-range combat. This transforms this alternative into something that you should activate, since it is better to have it and not specify it, than to specify it and not have it activated.

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How to Go Pro in PubG Mobile

How to Go Pro in PubG Mobile

With the settings set, now let's explain how to play PUBG Mobile to become a speedy pro. Play any mode other than Battle Royale. In this one, combats don't happen very often. Instead, in a team duel, the action is non-stop, like the clashes.

Now let's talk about the strategies that you will use from now on to be a pro in PUBG Mobile. First, keep a low profile. Never shoot unless it is necessary. Also try to hold on to the mountains.

This will make you have a complete vision of the landscape, to determine where there are opponents and where they are going. If you get a good zoom scope, you can still find multiple teams around. This done, you can be a sniper, distancing yourself from risk and suppressing opponents.

Another tip that can help you to be pro in PUBG Mobile is to go through the houses in each and every one of the rooms. Sometimes we leave valuable materials lying around that could leave us in our games, rather than due to laziness or not realizing it, we leave behind. Close the doors when you enter the residences. This will suppress any indication that you were or are there, allowing you to take opponents by surprise.

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