How to Be a Pro in Apex Legends

If you are looking for how to be a pro in Apex Legendsthen you have come to the right place. In this guide we are going to teach you the basics you need to know to become an unusual player in the Battle Royale for PCs and consoles that breaks it. Before we start, we will include in this blog post certain factors that determine that your performance in each game is much better, such as the speed of your network connection, the hardware of your device, and others. Now yes, let's start.

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How to Be a Pro in Apex Legends

How to be a Pro in Apex Legends: Things you should know

Let's start at the base of everything. It's not about your speed using the mouse, much less about the things you have to do the moment you face an opponent. It's about your internet.

  • Having a high-quality Internet connection, with high speed, can be positive for you. By having zero delay in your connection, you will perceive the game live and without any kind of inconvenience, resulting in an absolutely fluid game.
  • Optimizing your sensitivity until you find a value you feel comfortable with may seem best. However, below-average sensitivity can result in an inability to react quickly to incoming threats.
  • This is why you must learn to play with the sensitivity a bit high, at a point where you can supervise it, but at the same time you can shoot opponents who have just appeared in front of you.
  • Finally, focus on learning these two strategies that we will narrate now. These are things that the pros do and that they always and in all circumstances have in their psyche, due to the fact that it allows them to increase their chances of winning in a fight.
  • If both your opponent and , are in cover, you can use covering fire to your advantage. Simply make your allies come out of cover to go somewhere else, while you fire at your opponents situation. 
  • Then, always and at all times look for the heights. In this genre of games, who reigns in the heights always and at all times has a broader vision of the terrain, which gives him the ability to better trace his paths and strategies. 
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