How to Get Relics in Apex Legends 

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One of the most essential resources in the game Apex Legends they are the relics, an essential tool to be able to progress our account and take advantage of our opponents in the area. If you are looking for a way to find them, you are in the right place, in this article we are going to explain in detail each and every one of the possibilities that Apex Legends players have to get a relic. 

Obtaining this kind of objects has become a topic that has given much to talk about in the user community of the Apex Legends, tools such as relics cannot be created through manufacturing materials like other benefits in the game, in order to get them you must collect many relic fragments, which is the only way to currently have them. 

How to Get Relics in Apex Legends 

How to Get Relics in Apex Legends 

The advantage that this material offers us in the game is not going to be a matter of level or skills, it simply offers us elements with aesthetic details that are going to be envied by most players, the material of the relics is very exclusive and essential in the Apex Legends

The fragments are the initial step to be able to get relics in Apex Legends, the probability with which we can achieve them is quite low since they are an exclusive factor, these fragments appear through the Apex Packages, with a probability that is between five and one . Few people have this exclusive material because of the odds, with a bit of luck you could get your first heirloom after opening about two hundred and fifty Apex Packs. 

Apex Packages can also be won by playing continuously, dedicate certain hours to the game and you will surely achieve many bundles. Certain players have taken up to five hundred relics to open before they can get a relic, it's all a matter of luck. join the Apex Legends and try your luck to see how it goes. 

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