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PubG Mobile It is a very famous shooter worldwide, it has different servers in charge of inspecting all the activity of each one of the users who experience this incredible shooting game. As in any online game, it can present different problems, from toxic behavior to download or installation problems of some internal game package, which is why many wonder

How can I report my particular inconveniences to the game? Here we have the solution, a direct and easy procedure to contact PUBG Mobile

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How to Contact PubG Mobile

How to Contact PubG Mobile

Within the game, you can go to the main settings, they appear in the main interface, in the lower right side of the submenu and is represented in the form of a nut. Among the different options that the game configuration has, there is the "customer service", in which you will be able to report directly to PubG Mobile any eventuality that may arise in the game. Many players post on social networks like Facebook and Twitter their problems downloading or installing some package, but the reality is that with this they will not be able to solve anything. 

Another option presented by the game is to go to the PubG Mobile support page, where you will be able to present your protests and beliefs in writing, which will be sent directly to the company that inspects the game on a daily basis, Tencent Games.

In the event that you cannot establish a connection with either of the two methods so that your problem can be solved, there are different authors of game content that are allied with Tencent Games, if you are lucky they could help you report your problem with the company that created the game. 

Tencent Games is a reputable independent company, so contacting PubG Mobile directly with your issues will help them quickly find a solution for you.

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