How to Get Emotes in PubG Mobile

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Emotes are one of the best ways to communicate with other players when we are on the battlefield and in the main lobby of the game. They are the most entertaining way of being able to make gestures and signs with which we can refer to a known person or story.

Currently, the shooter game community has used emotes to make fun of their opponents, which has caused users to present toxic behavior in each and every one of the games. As there are also players who use emotes just for fun and to make their teammates laugh. In the article we are going to teach you how to achieve emotes in the PUBG Mobile, so you have a way to express yourself other than chat messages.

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How to Get Emotes in PubG Mobile

How to Get Emotes in PubG Mobile

Each of the interactions or emotes that appear in PubG Mobile can be achieved as a reward in different ways, the simplest way to have an interaction is by investing real money in the game. exchanging it for UC coins and buying different emotes in the store. Another way to achieve these magnificent PubG Mobile gestures is through the royal pass, which is divided into two parts, the free royal pass and the Premium, in the free royal pass we will be able to find one or two emotes per season, as well as the Premium for being more exclusive and paid, we can locate more than four emotes for our inventory. 

If we continually play PubG Mobile we will be able to achieve silver fragments, which you will be able to exchange for common boxes and Premium boxes according to the complexity of the game, in these boxes you may be lucky enough to find an emote. In addition to this, in rewards for leveling up, you could achieve certain basic interactions that will be very helpful, dedicate time to the game and in your long adventure in PubG you will find many rewards.

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