How to Get Free Clothes in PubG Mobile

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The skins are an essential part to market any game, with skins we can cover each and every one of the fields of PubG Mobile in terms of weapons, clothing, accessories, and aesthetic details of the profile, most of the players who achieve different benefits in the game invest real money, to be able to brag to the community that they have each and every one of the exclusive rewards of PubG Mobile and therefore have a huge level of play.

Clothes are just a physical representation of our character in this renowned shooter, so if you don't have money to invest in it PUBG Mobile don't worry, there are different ways to get clothes at no cost, in this article we are going to explain it to you. 

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How to Get Free Clothes in PubG Mobile

How to Get Free Clothes in PubG Mobile

One of the best known ways for players to get free clothes in PubG Mobile is through the soldier's box, to be able to find it we must log in with our preferred account in the game, and in the main interface go to the store that appears in the submenu on the right hand side. The box appears in a corner of the store and is absolutely free, inside it we will be able to find easy clothes plus a huge plurality of them. In addition to this, the Royale Pass has two facets. Part of the Royale Pass at no cost and a Royale Pass Premium, in the free one, you will also be able to achieve different rewards by completing each and every one of the missions that the pass requests, in this way you will be able to increase your level and achieve certain accessories and free clothing. 

If you are a member of a reputed clan, by completing the missions requested by the clan leaders you can accumulate thirty clan points, which you can use to exchange them for fragments of common boxes, with five fragments you complete a common box and you can get a reward , including some complete clothing or a garment.

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