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Merit is a value that the game measures, and that has been introduced in recent updates as an antidote to counteract the actions of toxic players. If you have lowered it a bit, today we are going to show you how to quickly increase the merit in PUBG Mobile.

First of all, merit goes down when you do practices that aren't fair to other players. An example of this is using cheats or malicious software, for which they can even ban you. It's also a reason to downgrade friendly fire, aside from insulting other players. Generally, you can be demoted for anything that might make another person angry. 

On the other hand, recovering it is a process that, although it can be speeded up, is still slow. However, we are going to give you the fastest way to raise merit in PUBG Mobile

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How to Increase Merit Fast in PubG Mobile

How to Increase Merit Fast in PubG Mobile

First, stop doing the things that get you down for. A Merit below sixty reduces the experience and rewards you earn by thirty percent, causing each and every leveling and ranking process to slow down. 

The game now awards points for each match you complete, and its value changes from 1 to three. If you finish in the top XNUMX, that is, for just playing, they will give you a merit point. So, in the top fifty they will give you two, and in the top one they will raise three merit points in your profile. And you might think that being in the top one in each and every game is the best and fastest way to raise merit in PUBG Mobile, but you are wrong. 

On average, a PUBG Mobile match lasts thirty minutes. However, the first fifty people are eliminated in the first one minute. In addition to this, the last one players are left alone from two minutes. This means that by placing in the top fifty and dying, you would get four merit points in at least two minutes. While otherwise you would have to wait two to get three. 

The conclusion of this would be that the best alternative option to quickly increase the merit in PUBG Mobile is to position yourself in the top fifty of the game and commit suicide to continue trying, apart from abandoning the practices that make this value drop.

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