How to Monitor Backtracking in PubG Mobile Without Rotation

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PubG Mobile is a game with great graphic quality and somewhat complex battlefield techniques for those who have never played a shooter before. There are different techniques to move on the battlefield, apart from the enormous amount of weapons that you will achieve when playing Battle Royale. The most essential thing in PubG Mobile is to know how to use weapons, so you must learn techniques such as recoil in order to increase your level and become a pro player.

Many users in the community PUBG Mobile They use rotation to easily monitor the recoil of any weapon, carrying out a kind of self-aiming with a slight movement of the mobile device, but truly this is not the best technique to monitor a weapon, in the article we are going to show you how monitor backtracking in PubG Mobile without needing to use rotation. 

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How to Monitor Backtracking in PubG Mobile Without Rotation

How to Monitor Backtracking in PubG Mobile Without Rotation

In order to perfectly supervise the recoil of any weapon, it is essential to know them, weapons change their recoil according to their power and rate of fire, to serve as an example, attack rifles are really strong weapons, they can help you remove any opponent in short, medium and long distance, but because it has a lot of power its recoil is really strong, so you must learn to supervise it.

The recoil of an attack rifle causes our weapon to deflect slightly upwards, so we recommend that, when shooting an attack rifle, you always set your sights a little lower than usual, so that you can shoot a good amount of bullets without losing or missing any. Submachine guns deflect to the sides, so you should regularly move your sights when shooting them. In the case of pistols and tertiary weapons, the recoil causes the scope of the weapon to enlarge, so you must fire the shots with less speed and in a streak.

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