How to Level Up Fast in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends It is one of the best Battle Royale today. His unique game style and great variety of characters has guaranteed him enormous development in the gamer community. Apex offers a great level system for players, which will go up according to the experience gained in each and every game. In this sense, many users have wondered how to level up considerably faster? For this reason we have prepared this article, to teach you how to achieve more experiences and speed up the process.

To think that it will take you many hours to raise your level in Apex Legends It is not a mistake, in truth it is a complete reality. You need to invest a lot of time to go up the level. However, our tips will make this process easier. However, it is essential to mention that if you are looking to level up to acquire upgrades, this will be in vain, since your level does not affect the acquisition of VIP equipment.

How to Level Up Fast in Apex Legends

How to Level Up Fast in Apex Legends

Although there is no precise number of games to reach a specific level, it is possible to take into account certain factors that determine the acquisition of more XP (EXPERIENCE POINTS) in the game. Kills are eminently one of these, but I don't want to say that if you do two kills per game you're going to get more experience points. You can take into account the following:

  • Survival: You get one hundred and eighty XP for every minute you spend without dying.
  • Kills: Fifty XP per kill for opponents and five hundred XP when killing victors. Similarly, you get an extra fifty XP for killing squad leaders.
  • Damage: you will get an equivalence between all the damage you have done in the game divided by four. That is, if your damage was XNUMX, you will get XNUMX XP.
  • Revive: If you cooperate by reviving your allies, you are credited with two XP
  • Top 3: If you have performed well in the match and are ranked in the Top 3, you will get three hundred extra XP.
  • Victory: If you achieve a victory, you will earn five hundred XP.

In this way the XP scoring system works, thanks to this you will be able to focus more to acquire much more experience and level up considerably faster in Apex Legends.

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