How to Create a Clan in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile It is a game that has become a worldwide trend, suitable for all age groups, a very complete shooter with great peculiarities that you will like and you will not regret playing it. After a huge game time, gaining experience and victories, you will surely make many friends during your adventure, so creating a clan to continue advancing together will be the best option.

Clans are an essential base in each and every one of the shooting games, they help us to gather different benefits together that will allow us to take advantage of our opponents in any game mode, apart from being able to take advantage of the members to play together already before competing in any clan championship. any player of PUBG Mobile You want to create a clan and make it skyrocket, so this time we're going to explain how you can create your clan in the game. 

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How to Create a Clan in PubG Mobile

How to Create a Clan in PubG Mobile

Create a clan in PubG Mobile It's easy, you just have to have the necessary resources and coins to be able to propose it. The first thing you should do when creating a clan is to get Battle Coins, the cost to acquire it is fifty gold coins that we all know in the game, so you should spend a lot of time playing the game because it is somewhat complicated . You can earn Battle Coins more quickly in game modes such as the perfect zombie mode and reaching the top one in Battle Royale games, this will make your rewards rise significantly. 

In addition, you must try to be a noted player in the games, getting kills and completing achievements will give you gold bonuses, which will be really useful for the goal of fifty Battle Coins. 

Once you have each and every one of the coins you need to register your guild, you must go to the clan option and click on "create clan" from there you put the name of your preference and the description of it, where generally the leaders They put a leimotiv with which each and every one of the members feels identified, you choose a logo and accept the request, then you invite your friends and that's it, you're going to have your clan. The clans can only have a maximum of fifty people, the main objective is to level up, rank up our clan so that when the time is over, get great rewards.

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