How to Create a Character in PubG Mobile

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PubG Mobile is a very innovative game, in contrast to competitive games like Free Fire and Call Of Duty Mobile that have predetermined characters, this renowned shooter created by Tencent Games lets us create our avatar in the game according to our preferences. We are going to tell you how you can create your ideal character in PubG Mobile, and how it works to customize our avatar and the skins that we can put on them.  

In PubG Mobile, we will be able to face other users of the server using our character, which we will be able to customize and make changes for the occasion of the combat. create a character in PUBG Mobile It's easy, before starting your first game in the game and filling out each and every one of your account records, you must create your character, which is going to be very simple and through completely basic options, then because you are advancing on your adventure in PubG Mobile You have more advanced options. 

How to Create a Character in PubG Mobile

How to Create a Character in PubG Mobile

The game at the beginning lets you choose the sex (in this case you can only choose between male or female), the face (there are six different faces, those with predetermined aspects), the faces cannot be edited, you can only select the 3 free skin tones in the game, and finally you will be able to choose the hair, there are nine hair styles for men and nine styles for women, both have six different colors. 

for now the PubG Mobile has not added the creation of tattoos, any particular brand, body editor, among many others, since it is a Battle Royale and the characters have to be in partially equal proportions, therefore, there are restrictions for physical editions, since that, to serve as an example, if a character is smaller or taller than another, there will be a disadvantage on the battlefield. 

After physically creating your character, the aesthetic part begins, you can go to the wardrobe that appears in your inventory, and put on the clothes you have free.

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