How to Copy and Paste in PubG Mobile

En PubG Mobile and in most games for mobile devices it has become a trend to create names for your profile with letters and signs that do not appear on the normal keyboard of each and every one of the devices. So if you want to have one, you must learn to use different copy and paste techniques on the Android or IOS keyboard to be able to enter your Nick in PubG Mobile. In this article we will explain how you can do it. 

In the event that you use a mobile device with an IOS system, it is somewhat more difficult to be able to copy the precise symbols to create your nickname in the PUBG Mobile, because the game has undergone certain updates that do not allow this system to have copied messages.

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How to Copy and Paste in PubG Mobile

How to Copy and Paste in PubG Mobile

To be able to copy and paste in PubG Mobile from IOS formats you must download an application called ClipKey, which will allow you to have a keyboard in the background that you will be able to use to copy and paste names in and out of the game. ClipKey is a completely free application and performs exactly the same function as the gameboard, it allows us to have copied messages to use them at any time, and save signs that do not appear on the IOS system keyboard.

As for Android it is a bit easier, you can search for the name with the initials and numbers of your choice anywhere, and keep the copied message without problem, when you log in to your Android account. PubG Mobile and have a name change card, your keyboard will automatically open and let you copy the message you have saved, in this case the Nick of your choice. 

You can also copy and paste IDs of any friends you have made outside of the game, so you can add them and not confuse them with another user on the server. 

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