How to Cheat in Coin Master

Coin Master, just like any other game, has its rules, which make it interesting and fair for each and every user. On many occasions, games go from being a hobby to a real competition, in which each and every one of the players fights to win. For this reason, more and more players are trying to cheat in Coin Master, and thus advance quickly in their village.

how to cheat on Coin Master? A question with different answers. And there are many ways to cheat in this entertaining game and each and every possible card compilation.

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How to Cheat on Coin Master

How to cheat in Coin Master

As you already know, there are many strategies to cheat in Coin Master, just choose the one you think is most recommended.

Create fake accounts

This without any doubt is the trick most used by gamers. Since you put every friend you invite to play Coin Master, you will receive forty free spins. So if you create false accounts, you will be able to invite yourself and receive these spins on your primary account. This strategy also allows you to command other free spins, gifts, coins, trade cards and attack other villages. Thus, you advance in the game.

Change the date and time of your device

By connecting to Coin Master daily, the game gives you free spins, coins and pet food. If you see that certain of these resources are running out, you can go to the settings option of your device and advance the data. This strategy makes the game counter adapt to the new data and gives you new rewards. You can change this data whenever you want to renew the gifts. Keep in mind that always and in all circumstances it must be a future date.

Download Rewards Apps

You can download apps like CM Rewards, Spin Master, Pig Master, among many others. These apps offer the ability to redeem game prizes. You just have to download the application, choose the prize you want to receive and the link that they indicate to you. Coin Master will open automatically and a message will appear confirming that you have finished earning the reward.

Create codes for Coin Master

In addition to rewards apps, reward code generators have been developed. This strategy lets you choose the amount of coins, spins and cards you want to receive. You just have to enter the place and put your username, type of device you use and the amount you want of each resource. The site will create a unique link for you, and it will give you the resources you chose and the amount you requested.

use hacks

This strategy, in contrast to the previous ones, can cause problems if the developers notice its use. Hacks are files or applications that you can download to your device to alter the game and do whatever you want. You can have each and every card and even win infinite spins.

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