How to change Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms

Rise Of kingdoms is a very popular game for mobile devices, consisting of making strategies in a pitched battle in real time, essentially it is a game that simulates the conquest of a planet, where each civilization will fight for land over time. If you like massive strategy games, Rise of Kingdoms it is a great choice for you.

The game is free for Android or IOS devices. In order for the game to keep up with incessant activity and to meet quite a few people within it, you can switch kingdoms and migrate kingdoms to other areas without any inconvenience. In the article, we are going to show you a unique way to carry out this procedure. 

How to change Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms

How to change Kingdom in Rise of Kingdoms

All users start on a random server where we are at level one This type of server is going to be full of beginner players and really strong users who have a good amount of experience, when we are starting it is very normal for specialist players to dedicate themselves to steal the few resources that our civilization generates, for this reason sometimes it is good to make the kingdom changes. 

In order to change the kingdom, your municipality must reach level seven, which will give you an object to teleport to another area as long as your civilization meets each and every one of the requirements. You might get some server full of beginners and it will be easier to climb and avoid wars. 

In order to change the kingdom we must have each and every one of our troops resting at home, we cannot have reinforcements in the city or belong to any coalition. In addition to this, your character must be in your city to teleport with you. 

To make the change of kingdom you will be located on the right side of your screen, where the globe icon appears, press there and choose the other kingdom you want to join in Rise Of Kingdoms. With this you will exchange your teleportation object and you will make the respective change.  

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